Hundred Acre Wood Wellness understands that 'wellness' holds a unique definition for every person.  Through an array of classes and workshops, and even some one-on-one treatments, the goals it to help by guiding you through healing the mind, body, and spirit to reach your wellness goals, 

The Beginnings


The owner of Hundred Acre Wood Wellness was diagnosed with a painful chronic illness by age 2. With physical health challenges leading to mental  health battles, she gained a deep respect for the connection between mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Under the help and guidance of many amazing teachers, she tapped into the natural ability to heal herself and others.

Through this journey came a passion for holistic health, wellbeing, and education.  It is time to remember that the mind, body, and spirit are one in the same. Illness in one causes illness in the other, but strength in one brings strength to the other.  

What We Do


Hundred Acre Wood Wellness focuses on empowering and education people to develop their own emotional, physical, and spiritual self care.  Offerings  include private and group workshops, both online and in person, as well as holistic treatments,  

We also offer a line of all natural, ethically sourced, Canadian, handmade bath, body, and home product

The Team

Jacie Thebeau


Jacie is a Reiki Master Healer and Reflexologist with a passion for holistic health care, nature, animals, and working with children.  She offers treatments  and workshops for clients of all ages at Yoho Lake and online.