About Us

Our Mission


Hundred Acre Wood Wellness understands that 'wellness' holds a unique definition for every person.  Our mission is to guide you through healing the mind, body, and spirit to reach your wellness goals, whatever that looks like!

How We Started


The owner of Hundred Acre Wood Wellness was diagnosed with a painful chronic illness by age 2. With physical health challenges leading to mental  health battles, she gained a deep respect for the connection between mental and physical wellness. Under the help and guidance of many amazing teachers, she learned not only to heal herself, but others. 

Through this journey came a passion for holistic health, wellbeing, and now, Hundred Acre Wood Wellness.  It is time to remember that the mind and body are one in the same. Illness in one causes illness in the other, but strength in one brings strength to the other.  

What We Do


At Hundred Acre Wood Wellness, we offer foot reflexology and reiki master healing to adults and children who are looking for relief from symptoms caused a number of conditions.  However, these treatments are incredible preventative health care modalities for everyone to enjoy!

We also offer a line of all natural, ethically sourced, Canadian, handmade bath, body, and home products. 

The Team

Meet our practitioners


Jacie Thebeau


Jacie is a Reiki Master Healer and Reflexologist with a passion for holistic health care, nature, animals, and working with children.  She offers both treatments for clients of all ages at the clinic and, on Fridays, at her camp in Yoho Lake, surrounded by nature. 

Erin Bridges


Erin is a Reiki Master Healer who works with kindness, tranquility, and openness.  She heals intuitively and is always focused the comfort of her clients.  She is also doing her practicum to become a certified foot reflexologist, and will soon be offering both services here at the clinic!