Classes and Workshops

The Courage Journey


Fear is designed to keep us safe. It is our mind’s way of protecting us from discomfort and the unknown. That was really helpful when threats were lions and tigers and bears (Oh my!), However, a lot of the time this fear is just a way of being pulled away from the life we truly want.  That changes now!

Through recognizing the roots of fear, we are going to learn how to heal, change our perceptions and language, and reframe our entire relationship with it. We will rediscover the faith we have in ourselves and the universe that will give us the courage to feel the fear and do it anyways. Comfort will never bring great things, but moving past fear will.  Instead of stopping us, it’s going to propel us. Fear won’t “go away” but it WILL lose its hold, and isn’t that exciting!

Connecting With Source


So many people come into Hundred Acre Wood Wellness asking how to create a stronger connection to Source, Spirit, God/Goddess, the Universe, Your Higher Self.. the name really doesn’t matter.  

What matters is that desire to rediscover and uncover a deeper understanding of the world.
In this class we will cover techniques, thought processes, and approaches that will help you find your own path to connecting with the higher power within yourself and outside of yourself.  

This class is equally valuable for those who have never thought of their relationship with Source as it is for those with an existing, meaningful connection.

Come join us in inviting heightened intuition, love, and higher understanding.

Warrior Women


As women, we often feel overburdened and under appreciated.. but we don’t have to.  In Warrior Women we are going to begin exploring:

Emotional autonomy and how to honour and validate ourselves; Redefining ourselves as women, outside of the labels we and others have placed on us; Setting boundaries in order to love with all your heart, without giving up your true self; Self care  that actually stands the test of time through trials in our lives.

This powerful workshop brings us closer to our divine feminine nature, and gives practical tools to use moving forward.

Reiki Levels I & II

Reiki Level I


Reiki  Level 1 is all about self-healing and helping others. During this class you will learn the history of Reiki, the energy system, the nature of the Reiki energy, the Reiki Ethics, the five principles, the hand positions, how to do a self-healing and how to provide a session for others.

This will be taught through hands on practice of channeling Reiki energy.

The intention is that you will complete the class with confidence to be able to channel Reiki energy for yourself and others.

Dress comfortably, feel free to bring a cozy blanket or fuzzy socks. Bring a water bottle and food for our potluck lunch!

Reiki Level II


Reiki Level II is the level of the “magics” - where you learn to send Reiki to other places and time periods. It is also the level that stretches your Third Eye abilities and awareness. 

This course will be focused on empowering personal goals and creating permanent, positive change in your life. We will also discuss daily practices that can increase your sense of well-being. The afternoon involves guided direction and practice of sending distance Reiki. The intention is that you will complete the class with confidence to be able to channel distance Reiki energy. 

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